The pedagogic learning of languages can be described as being similar to the initial native language acquisition process in children who acquire certain language elements at certain times according to a natural sequence that involves the language center of the brain. Speaking and listening are the skills acquired first with reading and writing skills that follow. Learning language in a more natural way has been proven to be more successful in much less time and with less stress and frustration for the student.



Language acquisition is unlike the learning of traditional academic subjects that require memorization of data or information, critical reasoning or interpretation. It does not involve the application of mathematical equations or tables of elements such as in chemistry. It does not require tactile skills or even precision. Language learning involves inherent cognitive skills that are enhanced through the pedagogic teaching techniques of repetition and word association. This is reinforced through assistance of the five senses; hearing, seeing, tasting, smelling and touch for reinforcement.  



Avrupa Resmi Diller’s teaching staff is composed of only professional teachers who are also native speakers. They have had years of experience teaching foreign language in a variety of applications and in various parts of the world, and have been carefully selected for their teaching skills and the application of pedagogic techniques to their teaching methods.



Suzanne Campion is a university English lecturer at Istanbul University and as a native speaker, has had extensive experience teaching Business English in four countries. She holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology and has been trained in European pedagogic techniques. Suzanne uniquely incorporates English Business Psychology into her programs giving her students a competitive edge when it comes to dealing with people in English.  She has taught English to business executives and personnel in the following sectors: medicine and pharmaceuticals, banking, accounting, human resources, manufacturing, logistics, real estate, marketing and commerce and education. She is also fluent in French, Italian and Spanish.

Fikret Karakoç is a graduate in the field of education with a specialization in German language instruction. He also studied economics at the University of Zurich in Switzerland and is a native German speaker. Fikret's experience in German business language instruction includes the fields of banking and finance, textile production, tourism, medicine and commerce. His training in European pedagogic techniques are extensive and he is qualified to administer C1 level exams in German. He is fluent in Turkish and German and has a working knowledge of English.