Communicating Effectively in English – 80 hours  (English/German)

This intensive course, adaptable to different levels of foreign language ability, is less commercially focused than the International Business Communication course. Participation is encouraged from the business world as well as from a wide range of other professional backgrounds. The course develops practical skills such as the language used for meetings and presentations alongside more general communication skills.

Course content:


  • Presentation and organizational structures
  • Simulated meetings
  • Communication in a professional environment
  • Presenting figures and graphs and describing social and political trends
  • Comparing national economies, working practices and social conditions
  • Discussing aspects of international relations and intercultural understanding

Course includes: current affairs, social, political and environmental issues political systems and developments, education and training, advertising and the media, technology and society, agreeing and disagreeing, interrupting, clarifying and confirming, asking for comments, summarizing, asking appropriate questions, challenging/defending an opinion, persuading and compromising, making proposals, offers, suggestions, opening/closing meetings, meeting and greeting, dealing with enquiries and offering advice, arranging and cancelling appointments/social engagements, travel arrangements, bookings and reservations, giving and understanding directions, small talk.

International Business Communications – 50 hours (English/German)

This course is ideal for experienced executives, managers and professionals who wish to improve their not only English language abilities in a commercial context in the shortest possible time, but also who wish to become more effective using language sensitivity and language psychology. A minimum upper intermediate level of English is required for this course.

 Course content:

  • Communication skills
  • Meetings
  • Management – theory and practice
  • Negotiations – persuasion, selling techniques, style
  • Presentations
  • Leadership and team building
  • Business vocabulary
  • Teleconferencing
  • Resolving conflict
  • Networking
  • Cross-cultural awareness

Course includes: interviews,presentation preparation, introducing topics, encouraging effective participation, effective chairing, discussing business risks, discussing business trends, discussing corporate strategy, meeting new people and making introductions, negotiations and effective strategies plus more.